in an hour more is our nation’s 51st birthday already I don’t know what will happen after this day but sure more good things will happen in the back end of the year. I am thankful of the nation and I never take this privilege for granted and I am thankful and grateful to my actual family and my Godly family so encouraged to be with them really with God in my life I felt so much different from a purposeless boy like me now dreaming of being a leader and now is a leader in my CCAs what a opportunity as an EXCO in my cca but now I not going to chase for success in this world only but have an eternal perspective loving the nation is sure a must and really await the nation’s birthday already being such a person who is ungrateful to everything now I am thankful for the good and bad times I have here in Singapore.


Now as the nation grows 51 I will also do my best to help the society while I can when I am in earth and really looking forward for the nations growth and prosperity and pray for the nation to continue to be a prospers nation and still maintaining as a first world nation.


Being in a dream Team

Being in a dream team… We need a team leader and team players in life being a team leader is the most stressful in times but if the team players are willing to cooperate how hard the challenges the stronger the team would be overcoming obstacles together as a whole or a team.. In HOGC is also my dream team and deep bench people who I do life with and seeing a dream team is never easy but I encounter a dream team that I wanted in OBS for my Student Volunteer Corp camp being in there was the best because it just took us a day to bond a day to work together a day to build the team morale it may not look easy but it happened once in a life time.


whether is HOGC or is Student Council or even any of my CCA. A dream team always need someone to take initiative and carry the responsibility growing and pulling the team into one.. Leadership is not a title but is a person who do the job and earn the titlement but being a leader is more then just instructing but observe other team mates and pull them up and help them in the times of needs


My Life

Being in me is really my greatest mistakes but now in my life people who accept me and my flaws are always the true friends who will stand side by side with you or even encourage you when you are down I thank you for people who were there for me from the start now even my success or failure you all who encourages me are really my true friends now I am so privilege to serve God and giving my time and energy back to HOGC and really being there is like I am being at home.

People there guide me,12249933_743423135790606_5654595128375269772_n encourage me and even cheer me on being in either Usher or BM ministry is a privilege doing life together and growing up and old together. Now is my industrial attachment time doing all this from the start now is all worth it being so painful now I found my significant in life and really hope from growing in the place grown in and really hope I can not just be a leader for the title but catch the heart of a leader.


In life

In life I find great friends, buddies and leaders I found a leader that inspire me to be a great leader though I am an ordinary boy but inside of me I can do extraordinary things as a naughty boy last time I will do many silly things just to catch people’s attention but now I am not really the best leader yet but I strive to be the best I can to become a great leader in both life and church I had faith in church but not wise enough to become a leader but I believe I become more wise I would be a leader, I trust people to easily already until people betray me and do many things behind my back now I don’t trust to many people but I trust those who can be trusted being a leader I need to have vision but I see my vision while I am sleeping. Though I have my weaknesses in times but I know what I should start changing in my character and spiritual walk with God with faith I have nothing to lose everything to gain as my pastor always says from my generation onwards it will be different so I first need to change inside of me before I become a real leader


Best team for life

In HOGC we have one of the best teams in the usher ministry and other ministry as one of the usher crews in UM team 2 I work well with my team mates and Ics, SLs, ACU and CU as a rising up chair Ic in UM 2 I learn so much from my leaders and previous Ics and leaders as a usher in UM2 I also grow through experience too but in church is more then just growing in experience but in my spiritual walk with God too in church I grow so much from my initiative and my confidence.. I believe I am never working alone in the ministry but I have a great team behind me supporting me and guiding me with the best they can I not just want to grow in experience only but in my walk with God in life I felt purposeless but now I have a great team behind my back supporting me.

In SC I have a great team too though it might be tough in this sessions to become a good and great leader I believe that I don’t have to become an Exco in other to be a good leader I should be humble in the way I lead others sometimes as long in SC I put in commitment and time people will see the success in me.

in church my dream is becoming a great leader too but now due to my time in school and family after this 2 pillar gets stronger I will not only serve in church more but I will have a successful testimony for God. in Academic excellence in church we always will have a way to learn, lead and serve others become a leader does need these qualities and I am always I remember what is the motto of NCDCC too but in NCDCC I always walked out as a leader and did not trust myself in the way I lead others in CCA but now I am a person of confidence and believe that I can do great things in the house of God